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Parish Council

The Parish Council meets monthly at 6:30 p.m. in the Church (please see events calendar for the specific day). Current Parish Council members are Ed Howard (Chair), Rachel Clubb (Secretary), Rob Wood, Steve Roth. Meetings are open to all parishioners.


Our Pastoral Council members serve three year terms. In their role, they participate in decisions that impact our parish ministries, operations and facilities. We have a committed Finance Council, and a facilities liaison, so the council’s time can be spent guiding the direction of the parish, based on our mission and planning goals. Meetings are held monthly. Please consider serving the parish in this capacity and indicate your interest to any current members listed above.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets monthly. Current Finance Committee members are Merle Davis (Chair), Kathleen Brogan, Mike Howard.


Current parish trustees are Lei Spencer, and Rob Wood. They can be contacted by calling the parish office at 612-825-5811.